Amazing Winter White Nails

Amazing Winter White Nails

glitter-snowWinter Wonderland

December and January are perfect months in the year to consider wearing white on your nails. The minimalist color can convey a frostiness that is needed as the temperatures drop. But it’s important to note that all white nails have a history of mimicking white out. As a result, people sometimes don’t know how to incorporate the color onto their nails without feeling a little elementary. Whether you’re looking to use white as the main color, or just to accent your nails, at ES Nails we came up with some fun ideas that you can get at our nail salon. With these winter white nails you’ll be setting trends, instead of following them this winter season!

Add a funky design to your white nails

We like to think of white as a great basecoat for a number of designs for winter white nails. Particularly when you want to accessorize the color with other colors or designs. We have two examples below that show the difference between plain white nails (which can still look good) and using white as the basecoat and adding colorful designs to the white. White is one of those neutral colors that can really go with anything which makes it fun to add color to. Notice in the picture with the light designs, you can see how much more playful the white nails are.

Simple Shapes

black-snowflakeIf you do want almost all winter white nails, an easier solution (without using nail art) is to focus on a simple shape at the base of the nail. Using a triangle (a different color than white) can add a simple splash of color at the bottom of the nail, while the rest of the nail can still be white. This contrast is both winter cool and cute. No need for complex nail art or nail art that you feel might distract from your white nails. But with this effect you can still create a fashion-forward look that’s effortless.


snowflakeThis winter you could go the traditional route and opt for good ol’ fashion snowflakes. With snowflakes, you can show off your love for the holidays. Choose a solid color that you love, like blue, red, green, or even black and get white snowflakes painted on your nails. A unique way of getting snowflake nail art is by reversing the colors. Perhaps try all white nails and colored snowflakes to really add a “pop!” to your nails. At ES Nails, we can paint snowflakes on your nails, using colors like blue, red, or even silver and gold. Not really interested in a “hand full” of snowflakes? Have a few of your nails painted in solid colors, like your thumb, index finger, and pinkie. Then have snowflakes painted on your middle two fingers. The variety will look chic and the snowflakes will really shine through. This is a subtle look that’s still festive for the holiday season.

Call us today at (310)826-0635 to schedule your appointment for your winter white nails. Our professional, friendly technicians are experts when it comes to nail art. Whether you want designs on white nails, snowflakes, or just simple shapes on your white nails, we can come up with something fun and fresh for the holiday season!

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