Owner and beauty enthusiast, Luriya Yusuk, was never attracted to the nail care industry because of her sensitivity to the toxic ingredients. However, a few years ago Luriya learned about the progress of new organic and non-toxic products in the nail and skin industry. She then decided the focus of her business should be to bring these products, along with exceptional services, to her clients. So, she was presented with the opportunity to take over ES Nail Bar and Organic Spa and never looked back.

In her personal life, Luriya focuses much of her energy on clean living and being healthy. Brining these ideals to her business felt natural to her.

Luriya states that beauty starts with confidence and works hard on making sure every person who walks out of her doors walks out with their head held up high. She considers her staff to be artists and her clients’ hands and faces as the perfect canvas. When clients meet Luriya and the staff at ES Nail Bar and Organic Spa, it’s obvious that it is a team of people who love what they do. It’s easy to see that they make people happy and with each person who walks out the door with a smile on their face, they are just making the world a little bit more beautiful.