Chrome Nails with Mirror Metallic Nail Polish

Chrome Nails with Mirror Metallic Nail Polish

Mirror Metallic Nail Polish


Creating chrome nails with mirror metallic nail polish has become a new stunning trend. The new chic look has been seen even on famous models like Gigi Hadid. It’s also been taking over Instagram as the must-have nail trend that definitely makes a statement. But why?

Allure put together a really great list of Spring Nail Polish Trends earlier this year and as it shows, funky designs took over the season. From “dots” to “clean lines” to “checkers” and the interesting come back of the “French manicure,” designs like that were fun, vibrant, and even wild. With any trend, the pendulum tends to swing away from the previous and on to something completely different. While still vibrant, chrome nails are clean, classic, and chic.

Color Coordination

Chrome gold

With the simple silver (gold or bronze too) color you get a shiny elegance that comes through with any outfit. It’s also definitely easier to pair than the distracting funky designs from the spring. The chrome manicure’s solid colors match nearly any outfit. The mirror metallic nail polish compliments your style while thrusting you into the future. Looking to wear all white? Your silver, bronze, or gold color chrome manicure will dazzle any white attire. The great thing about chrome nails is that they dazzle just as good during the day as they do at night. A care free summer frock (like a maxi dress, slip dress, or even a romper) can easily enhance your chrome manicure as well.

Work It!

Are you a working professional? Well don’t worry! Because the chrome manicure with mirror metallic nail polish is the perfect work and play look for your nails. The solid colors keep them looking professional while the shimmering metallic effect keeps them looking chic instead of “office boring.”

Our talented and friendly nail technicians are here to help you dazzle with your cool new look. And because of the shiny colors of silver, gold, and bronze, you won’t have to worry about them not being “Fall friendly.” Call us at 310.826.0635 to schedule an appointment. We’re open Mon-Fri from 10am-7pm, Saturdays from 10am-6pm and Sunday from 11am-5pm.

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