Why Men Should Consider Men’s Nail Care

Why Men Should Consider Men’s Nail Care

Men’s Nail Care as Part of Your Grooming Habits

It’s been a growing trend for a decade now. Men continue to care more and more about their appearance, which usually includes hair and facial grooming, tailored clothes, even sophisticated accessories like watches, hats, and ties. Dressing well and looking refined helps distinguish boys from men. At ES Nail Bar & Organic Spa, we take pride in being able to create a comfortable environment for men to come in and treat themselves to men’s nail care.

When it comes to grooming, don’t just stop at the clothes you wear, and the hair on your face and head. At ES Nails, we want you to consider keeping your hands and feet neat with a men’s manicure and pedicure. Especially when it comes to your hands, having them properly groomed can give people a good impression, whether you’re going in for a handshake or simply handing something over. When your hands are clean and spruced up, you can proudly display them.

Sandal Season Almost Year-Round

Living in Southern California, it can be easy to be seen wearing sandals during the warm months (which make up most of the months of the year). This means the chances of your feet being on display is greater than if you lived in colder climates. From beach days to pool parties, your feet should be prepared to be seen. Some men are even insecure about showing their feet, either because of the size, or more than likely, because of the physical appearance of their feet. A pedicure is your chance to have them cleaned and catered to so you can wear sandals without worrying about what your toes look like. Our expert technicians know how to be rough when it comes to scrubbing away your calluses and dead skin.

Infections & Other Issues

Our trained nail technicians know how to spot fungus and infections that live in the nails, feet, and hands and understand when to advise someone to see a medical professional. By not getting a pedicure (even on a semi-regular basis) you’re missing out on the opportunity to have a trained professional see any signs that there are any issues looming, especially for your feet. Even for bad habits like nail biting and people who habitually pick at their nails and cuticles, getting manicures and pedicures can help reduce those bad habits.

Grooming is About the Entire Body

When it comes to having your hands and feet maintained, it shows the level of care most men have for the rest of their body. Grooming is about the entire body, not just shaving and haircuts. Keeping up the maintenance on your hands and feet will go a long way, especially when it comes to dating. Imagine going on a date with someone and showing up with hands that don’t look manageable. It’s not exactly attractive! Your date, won’t be tempted to hold your hand if it resembles a monster’s claw. However having a manicure will help you feel confident, secure, and spiffy. The same applies for having your feet groomed before lying in bed with someone. Having feet that lack a pedicure and aren’t clipped, can result in unattractive scratches for your partner.

Male nail care is important! And our nail technicians at ES Nail Bar & Organic Spa know how to treat a man’s hands and his feet. We give you comfortable manicures and pedicures that will leave a good impression on you, and the people who see your hands and feet. Call us today at (310) 826-0635. We’re conveniently located at 11740 San Vicente Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

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