Get Amazing Halloween Nail Art This Year!

Get Amazing Halloween Nail Art This Year!

Trick or Treat Yourself to Halloween Nail Art


At Es Nail Bar & Organic Spa, we want you to keep your nails in mind this Halloween with creative Halloween nail art. The holiday is a fantastic time of the year for those looking to get creative with costumes and make up ideas. However, most often, people neglect their nails! This Halloween, you can have cool designs that display your love of Halloween or designs that simply match your costumes. Your hands will definitely get you noticed this year!

Our trained nail technicians know how to do countless designs. Get a ghost, black cat, or spider designed on your nails to turn people’s heads. Are you looking to compliment your outfit with funky designs? Come into Es Nail Bar and get ready to be blown away by what our nail technicians can do!

Two Things to Consider

When applying Halloween nail art, there are two things that you should consider. Would you want a unified theme of dark colors and Halloween images, like spiders, bats, moons, etc. or would you want nails to correspond directly with your costume?



If you’re looking for a unified theme inspired by Halloween, we can create separate nail designs for each nail to create an overall feel; whether you want to go spooky (think graveyards and ghosts) or just plain fun (think Ghostbusters).


For specific costumes, we can create nails to correspond to your costume. Looking to go as a cat? We can create black stiletto nails to top off your cat claws and you won’t have to worry about fumbling around with fake claws. Thinking about going as something bloody? We can paint your nails white with red blood splatters to add the dramatic effect to your costume. Going as a zombie? We can create a gory look for your nails that will look as if bits of your nails have been damaged.

  Halloween Spirit

Think outside the box this Halloween! We have tons of ideas and we have talented nail technicians who are willing to take your ideas and turn them into reality. Remember Halloween is about having fun and showing off your creativity. Since we want you to get into the Halloween spirit get a free nail art (one finger on each hand) with the purchase of a manicure. Stop by ES Nail Bar, located at 11740 San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood and let your nails stand out this Halloween!

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