Unique Green Nail Polish Ideas

Unique Green Nail Polish Ideas

Green with Envy

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and with the Irish holiday coming up, we know you’ll be in the spirit of wearing green. There’s no better way to wear green, than on your nails. In fact back in December, Fashioners named “Greenery” as the 2017 color of the year. This year show off your Irish pride with these unique green nail polish ideas.

Shades of Green

The color green comes in many different shades, which means you have countless greens to choose from when deciding how you want your nails designed. From mint green to forest green and the variety of green colors in between, you can choose a shade that is not too startling for your personality. If you’re vibrant and a little on the wild side, you’ll want to try limegreen, like the green from CND Vinylux Limeade Nail Polish. If you’re more of the professional type and want something that’s darker and discreet you can try JINsoon Metaphor Dark green nail polish.


Let your green sparkle this St. Patrick’s Day and opt for green nail designs that use a shimmer. You can find Pinup Beauty Store on Etsy, with a beautifully rich Snakebit nail polish. It’s a blackened green jelly filled with green iridescent glitter and a flash of microflake glitter that changes from green to gold. We particularly love Pinup Beauty Store because all of their polish are “Five Free” similar to the ones we use in our salon, and they are affordable. Of course St. Patrick’s Day isn’t complete without a clover green color. Pinup also has a Clover nail polish that is a mix of holographic gold stars, with lime green metallic hex and metallic blue square glitters, all in a clear base.

Green Nail Art

Three leaf clovers, horseshoes, and leprechaun hats make for perfect green nail art designs. Of course that would be going the traditional route this St. Patrick’s Day. If you were interested in going for something a little more artistic. Don’t forget that for the holiday, gold is a great complimentary color to green. For those interested in a little more creativity, consider using green as an accent color to gold. For example, have one or two nails painted green, and the rest gold. Or you can have all of them painted gold with a green clover painted on your index finger or on all of them. Be playful this year and show off your St. Patrick’s Day nail art with a unique design.

ES Nails is located in Brentwood and our affordable manicures are radiant. Our expert nail technicians are here to help collaborate on any of the green nail polish ideas that you want to use for your St. Patrick’s Day nails. We’re the perfect salon to get your the nail designs that you deserve! Call us today at (310) 826-0635!

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