Nail Salon Party for the Ultimate Bachelorette Bash

Nail Salon Party for the Ultimate Bachelorette Bash

Fun Night For Your Bridal Party

The bachelorette party is the night to top all nights for the bride-to-be and her friends. Before heading out into Downtown LA for the night of your life, we want to make sure that are fully picture ready and looking gorgeous. A nail salon party may be the pampering that you and girlfriends need before you paint the town red. Whether you consider having a pre-party or the entire bachelorette party at your local nail salon, booking a nail salon party at ES Nail Bar will be the perfect fun and luxury for the bridal party.

Much-Needed For The Bride-To-Be

Summer happens to be one of the most popular seasons for a wedding as well as it’s the perfect time for a bacherlorette nail party. Summer represents relaxation, fun, and brightness, so how much fun would it be to have that displayed on the nails of the bride, her bridesmaids, and close friends? A nail salon party is also a fun and a much-needed relaxing way for any bride-to-be to have with her best friends after a long, stressful period of wedding planning. Instead of splurging on a trip to Vegas, book the ultimate beauty party. ES Nail Spa offers their salon for your enjoyment.

Private Party At ES Nail Bar

The bridal nail party can be held during our business hours or after hours. For a private party, our doors will always be closed. Four or more people is considered a party. Food and beverages are more than welcomed after hours. Bring the champagne! It can’t be a bridal party without it. During business hours, our parties cost $50 per hour and $75 per hour for after hours, all not including services. If there are any deters to your plans or if you have to cancel, you must do so 48 hours prior to the booked party. If your party is booked within the 48 hours of the time requested, then a cancellation cannot be made. Any other questions, simply call or visit out website. ES Nail Bar specializes in manicures, pedicures, nail art, facials, and more, using only toxic-free nail polish. Plan your nail salon party with us and get the ultimate package and a bacherlorette party for the ages.

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