2017 Nail Trends That You Have to Try

2017 Nail Trends That You Have to Try

Get Trendy Nails this Spring and Summer!

Trends come and go. What was popular last year (or last season) may not be popular anymore, and we want you to be in the know! We’ve looked into a few of the 2017 nail trends that we love! Our talented team at ES Nail & Organic Spa will wow you with their skills as you switch up your style and try these trends this spring and summer.

Spring Nail Trends

• Nude: Keep it simple this spring with nude nails. The color is neutral and won’t distract from your makeup, clothes, or accessories. Nude nails are perfect for people who want to wear vibrant patterns and colors this spring.
• Soft Pinks: Feminine pink can never go wrong in the springtime. Now’s the time to be pretty in pink and soft pinks are wonderful. Similar to a nude color, soft pinks won’t distract from your look but will definitely complement it.
• Ombré: These can be super fun and cute if you’re looking for a splash of color towards the top of your nails. Try going for white or a soft color as the basecoat and then use an energetic color, like yellow, red, or even purple.
• Midnight: As the days get longer it’s easy to find yourself spending more time under the sun, instead of the stars like the winter months. So bring the darkness to your nails! To achieve this look try darker tones, like blue, silver, and obviously black.

Summer Nail Trends

• Glossy: Glossy nails are going to be a summer staple. If you’ve been following the matte trend, it’s time to ditch it and switch it! Glossy is back and with fun colors like teal, yellow, and red, so your nails will pop!
• Red: Speaking of red use the color to convey passion and power this summer! It’s definitely a sexy color and will seduce those who see your beautiful nails (and hands!)
• Black Accents: With high-shine black polish you can use black as an accent color for your nails. Your nails will be bold in black this summer, while also being effortlessly chic.
• Color Blocking: The summer is always about color. With the sun shining bright it’s fun to wear bright colors that really stand out. And that’s what color blocking is all about! Use dots, stripes, and even geometric patterns on your nails with contrasting hues! Your fingertips will be vibrant!

Stop by ES Nails in Brentwood to try out a new look this spring and summer! Our nail technicians are the best in Los Angeles and you’ll get a relaxing manicure that you’ll love and with proper care, will last! Call us today at (310) 826-0635 to book an appointment!

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