2016 Winter Nail Trends

2016 Winter Nail Trends

A Winter Wonderland with These Winter Nail Trends

Every season, our customers come into Es Nail Bar & Organic Spa looking for current seasonal trends, and winter nail trends are no exception! This winter we’ve put together a list of what’s to come so you can have your nails painted for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, by our talented nail technicians.



Whether you’re preparing the meal or chomping down on a Thanksgiving meal, your nails should be kept short, and clean. For this holiday, we suggest a rounder or oval shape. Go with a shape that isn’t too distracting and doesn’t require much maintenance (or effort!). Keeping your nails on the shorter end will also prevent food from getting stuck in them. After all, nobody wants to bring a nail maintenance set with them to a Thanksgiving party.
For designs, stick to solid colors like orange, pink, and purple. But keep it soft or dark. The Spring/Summer seasons are meant for vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples, amongst other colors. But for Thanksgiving, think shades and luckily for this holiday both dark and light shades work.

Holiday Season


The Holiday Season is known for colors like red, green, and winter white. But this holiday focus on darker colors like black, dark grey, maroon, and dark blue. For a splash of style, come into our salon for dual tone manicures. We can balance those darker colors with contrasting ones, like black and white, dark grey and silver, maroon and gold, and even dark blue and white. For shapes, go for something a little more elongated than the nails for Thanksgiving and choose almond-shaped nails that really stand out from one holiday party to the next.

New Year’s

rose-gold          nails-1

Ring in the New Year with nails that feel fresh and fun! For the New Year, switch up your stiletto-styled nail and go for a shape that’s a little gentler with ballerina nails. This style elongates your fingers without making them look as dangerous as stiletto nails can look. For colors and designs, think glitter. New Year’s is always looked at as a time of champagne, glitter, fireworks, and streamers. Having nails that sparkle throughout the night, will dazzle anyone around you. For New Year’s, think of solid colors like silver and gold, even the rose gold color that has grown in popularity in recent years. Not interested in glitter nails? Go with metallic chrome nails that can still provide a similar type of shine (like glitter nails). Chrome nails will also still look great with the ballerina style.

Get Your Nails Done This Winter Season by ES Nails

Stop by Es Nail Bar and Organic Spa for a number of these winter nail trends. We’re available to make your nails stand out for Thanksgiving, the Holiday Season, and New Year’s. Located in Brentwood at 11740 San Vicente Blvd, you can call us at 310-826-0635 to schedule an appointment this winter!

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